Fresh Dairy – Bacon Sausages Soups Fish

Code Product Size
3091 Unsmoked Back Bacon Pack
3092 Smoked Back Bacon Pack
3093 Unsmoked Streaky Bacon Pack
3094 Smoked Streaky Bacon Pack
3095 Danish Gammon Steaks Pack
3096 Coleslaw Tub
3097 Potato  Salad Tub
3098 Premium Cheese Coleslaw Tub
3099 Reduced Calorie Coleslaw Tub
  Quiche and Cocktail Sausages  
3100 Broccoli Quiche Each
3101 Quiche Lorraine Each
3102 Cocktail Sausages 30pk
  Ready To Serve Soups  
3103 Chicken soup 600g
3104 Leek/Potato soup 600g
3105 Tomato and Basil soup 600g
3106 Carrot/Coriander soup 600g
3107 Wild Mushroom soup 600g
3108 Mattesons Smoked Sausage 227g
3109 Mattesons reduced fat smok saus 227g
3110 Richmond Sausages thick 454g
3111 Broad oak Thick Pork sausages 454g
3112 Broad oak Lincoln sausages 454g
3113 Broad oakCumberland sausages 454g
3114 Richmond thin sauasges 340g
3115 Good value pork sausages 450g
3116 Clenakility Black pudding 200g
3117 Pork/Leek Sausages 400g
3118 Pork and apples sausages 400g
3119 Fresh Cod Fillets 250g
3120 Fresh Haddock fillets 250g
3120A 10 Medium Eggs 10 pack
3120B 6 Large British best eggs 6 pack
3120C Free Range Eggs- large 6pk
3120D Free Range Eggs – medium 6pk
3120E 18 Free Range Eggs 18 pk
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