Terms & Conditions

  • Bank Holiday and Public Holidays

Bank holidays, Christmas and New Year’s days will be charged at twice the normal rate.

  • Timesheets

It is in your interest to ensure that you or your representative sign Alixcare timesheet at each visit. If you are unable to sign, please let us know.

  • Payment

Charges for services will be itemised on Alixcare’s invoice. Payments are due upon receipt of our invoice; Deposit may be required in advance.

  • Penalties for Late Payments

If no payment is received within fourteen days after the date of the invoice a 10% surcharge will be levied on the invoice.

  • Travel Expenses

Additional travel charge will be made where Alixcare staff are required to use their personal car.

  • Equal Opportunities

Alixcare aims to satisfy the needs of clients by providing equal opportunities for its staff, irrespective of their age, sex, marital status, racial or ethnic origin, physical disability or sexual orientation.