AWR-Agency Workers Regulations

Alixcare have issued a process on implementing the AWR (Agency Workers Regulations-2011) for staff working on temporary basis. Assignments after October 1st 2011; Agency workers are entitled to the same basic working and employment conditions as directly employed staff with a comparable grade- role in the same organisation.

After 12 weeks on an assignment, the Agency staff relevant  terms and conditions must be no less
favourable than if the client had recruited that individual at the same time to do the same job; taking into
consideration –their qualifications, skills and experience where relevant. Agency staff may have rights that
apply from day one of their assignment – such as a right to access collective facilities and amenities
e.g. a canteen,transport, or a crèche – on the same terms as a comparable direct employee. They will
also have a right to be informed of any opportunities for relevant permanent employment.

 More information via the link which explains the AWR..

Agency staff will be informed where and how to access details of all vacant positions. Agency staff who are in any doubt should consult the guidance notes or write to Alixcare Team.