About Us

Alixcare shares a set of values that are common across the whole of the organisation.

We aim to provide a dedicated, reliable, and efficient service.

At Alixcare we are passionate and committed to our work and aim to make a positive difference through the services we provide.

  • Professionalism – We will take pride in our conduct, protect confidentiality, present a positive impression of ourselves and our organisation and all times maintain a high level of professionalism.
  • Ownership – We will take personal responsibility for all our actions and we will act in the best interests of our organisation and our clients
  • Social Responsibility – We will act in a manner that respects our community and our environment and respect people’s privacy.
  • Integrity – We will deliver what we promise and aim to listen to our clients needs and fulfil them.
  • Teamwork – We recognise that we do not act alone, but work together as a team to achieve an efficient service.
  • Innovation – We aim to continuously improve on everything we do and we are a forward thinking organisation
  • Valuing People – We show respect to others, we will promote tolerance and diversity, but not tolerate abuse of any kind. We aim to alleviate loneliness and isolation through our services.
  • Excellence – We are passionately committed to everything we do and maintain a level of excellence at all times.